Friday, December 21, 2018


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The new wedsite allows for Blogging on the District and each of the Local Lodges. There is alot to see and use on the new website, I invite you to come and check it out.
Brother Dave

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Monthly meeting shift.

The monthly meeting will be in the bar at the legion, the hall is a donation center.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

LL-1786 Final Vote Results are in

Below is the results of the Local Lodge Election held yesterday February 7th, 2017.
an official Local Lodge Officer notice will be posted and sent out to all Stewards and Officers later today.  Congratulations to all the new Officers and Stewards.  And a special thanks to the Grand Lodge Representatives brother James Parker and brother James (Stretch) Little, as well as District 37 DBR Byron Williams for all their countless hours helping with the preparation for this event.
I would also like to thank Investigator Jose' Lopez DOL, Office of Labor Management Standards for his help as well.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Local Lodge Officer and Steward Elections in full swing

The Polls opened up early this morning with the Three Tellers Lloyd Frazar, Jack Hellums, and Lori Wickson. Polls opened at 0700 and will remain open until 4:30 pm at which time the Local Lodge regular monthly meeting will begin, that is when the tellers get busy sorting and counting ballots.  The results of the election will be announced after all the ballots have been counted.  Will follow up with a posting of the new officer and staff for Local Lodge 1786.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Just a Reminder

The officer Election is Next Tuesday, February 7th at the American Legion Hall Club Room.

11702 Old Galveston Road (Hwy-3) Across from Ellington Field.
Poles will be open from 0700 to 1630 then the regular monthly meeting will begin, new officers will be announced after the ballots have been tallied.  There will be a special presentation given during the meeting.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sample Ballots for LL-1786

There will be 3 different Ballots used during the election, one for Dyncorp Int'l, and CMTI/ NRDC, and a General ballot. Reason being that those two groups were the only ones electing Stewards, the rest of the represented companies did not challenge the Stewards that are currently in place.  The Samples below are just that, 'SAMPLES' for reference so you know what to expect at the election which will be held at the American Legion Post 490, across from Ellington Field on Hwy 3. As stated, Poles will be open from 07:00 to 4:30 when voting will stop, then the regularly scheduled meeting will commence.  Votes will be tallied and the results will be announced, and Officers inducted at the end of the meeting. Please remember to bring some sort of identification as outlined in the letter for Nominations that was sent out in December.  If you have any questions contact your Steward.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Local Lodge 1786 to 'Re-Do' 2015 Elections

It's True, the International has voluntarily notified the Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS) that due to a complaint issued by a member that sufficient notification was not given for the election ie a written notice mailed to each member shall be mailed via the US postal service no less than 60 days prior to the monthly meeting when nominations for local lodge officers will be taken.  and that is a true statement.  So, we are carrying out a 'Re-Do' of the local lodge officers.  below is a copy of the official letter that was mailed to every member of the local based on the address of record in the Internationals database (if you did not receive a letter in the mail, check with the Secretary Treasurer to ensure your correct address is on file).  Along with this letter is a copy of the Absenty ballot request form.  
Please download, copy/paste, print, whatever you choose to do to have access to this information, if you qualify and would like to request an absenty ballot, follow the instructions closely because there is a very narrow time frame because the DOL/OLMS has waived the 60 day notice requirement.  Nominations will be received at the January 3rd, 2017 montly meeting, elections will be held February 7th, 2017 0700-1630
Please open and review the information below, if you have any questions please contact your LL-1786 Recording Secretary or Secretary Treasurer.
The Department of Labor will have a representative on hand at the meeting for nominations and the following months meeting for the election.

for a working copy to download and print please go to:

2017 Election 'Re-Do' notice

Absentee Ballot Request

these will be printable PDF documents. I am currently working on a new website, these actions will be more user friendly and available.
Merry Christmas and a Profitable, Healthy, New Year to you all.